Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gratitude Part 3

Today was amazing... sunny and warm. I sat outside with a cold drink and marveled at how one glorious day could make me forget the last 5 months of cold, drizzy, grey....

The mint we loved last summer is starting to grow back, and I can almost taste its sweet tangyness... Spearmint and strawberries on a bed of vanilla ice cream = heaven!!!

Gratitude Part 2

I love fabric, and I always have. If I am feeling blue, all i have to do is hit the fabric store and browse. I love to match patterns and colors, and will buy a couple of yards *just because*. My husband doesn't understand - he is the type that has to know what he is going to use it for before he buys it. So this bit of gratitude is dedicated to all those other crafty women out there who are just as inspired, awed, cheered, and in love with fabric as I am!

Here are some of my latest aquisitions: (Craft Warehouse was having a $1 fat quarter sale!!!!)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gratitude - Part 1

We finished our taxes yesterday... oh joy... and for the first time in my entire life i owe the government money. So instead of stressing out about how "adult" that feels, i am taking stock of all of the things that i love, that inspire me, and that remind me of things other than taxes. :)

As you may know, i have a huge obesssion with anything kitchen related, especially if it is a frivolous gadget with very limited use. Currently i am on a salt&peppar shaker kick...

The little birds i have had the longest, and make me so cheerful evertime i pick them up, and on occasion have been known to baby talk to them... The glass shakers are our every-day ones, and they are so simple and timeless that i don't mind having them on the table at all times. The silver ones were thrifted by my darling husband - as a CHILD- and for that i have to love him even more.. if that is possible! The last pair is my most recent aquisition, and i have to thank the Anthropologie gods for allowing them to go on sale for 1/4 their original price! I have made a ridiculous amount of boiled eggs recently, just so i can use my Stag-Head the way, another fun fact about me: i am a vegetarian who is opposed to hunting for sport. Can you explain my love of these heads? - because i can't.