Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break

what a busy few weeks i have had... besides baking on average three loaves of bread a week (so yummy - T has been loving his sack lunches!) i finished up my quarter, started and finished my first quilt, and even got away for a mini-vacation!

the quilt is quite small - about 33x42, but it was made in a few hours, is the perfect infant size (for when we finally get to have babies!!) and contains my favorite - lime green, and T's favorite - bright orange.

we escaped to Hotel Oregon down in McMinnville on Saturday night. Listened to some live music, ate our dinner on their rooftop deck, played pool, antiqued, and relaxed. Glorious!
the view from the roof:

rooftop decor:

Sunday breakfast with fresh squeezed blood-orange juice:

my antiquing treasure - a little iron whale:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

five minute bread

so easy. so delicious.

buy this book. make the bread.
don't get scared - i don't have a pizza peel, or a fancy dough container. i mis-measured the flour and my dough was not as "wet" as they describe. and you know what? it didn't matter! we had delicious, home-baked bread in a matter of minutes - and not a single dish to wash! now that is my kind of baking... :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

coffee anyone?

What a Sunday we had at the Robinson household! We were able to sleep in, enjoyed our coffee with a side of sunshine, and then a matinee of The Other Boleyn Girl. Ahhhh... if only ALL our days were so enjoyable!

T takes his black.. I am partial to something a little sweeter! The coffee-cozy was inspired by Design*Sponge, and I have to admit is a fantastic project. I have already started two more as presents!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

the skirt

I just realized that I never put up photos of Chelsea's skirt... possibly because I didn't take any before it was handed over! She has a few shots on her blog - and maybe we will set up a photo shoot in the near future...