Monday, June 9, 2008

ch ch changes...

I am moving!

Check out my new blog over at MrsRobinsonPresents

I decided that I needed a new image.... because most of what I talk about on here has to do with my personal life, and my role as Mrs Robinson, and becuase CountrStarV was just too confusing for people! It was an old name from high school (back when Amber and I wanted to have a country act, where she sang and I held the microphone - because of course I can't sing) and it has sort of just stuck. Isn't it funny how people in creative industries tend to ignore themselves....

So please update your links... and come visit with me at my new web-home!


Monday, April 28, 2008

My Weekend

Ah.... weekends. I wish I had more of them in my life. I am starting a new job after I graduate in June I am going to have to work on Saturdays, and I am having a really hard time reconciling myself to losing my Saturdays - after all, I only just discovered them!

Let me explain.... I have a horrible habit of working too much. I used to have three jobs, and for years I worked weekends so that I could have my weekdays for school. But last September I quit the job that I hated (best thing I ever did!!) and suddenly I had all these lovely, lovely weekends where I could go bowling with friends, sleep in and do the crossword puzzle with T, and just plain relax.

So, I keep trying to tell myself that it is going to be okay - that I *will* get enough leisurely brunches and back-yard hangout time on Sundays...

Unfortunately, I can't really enjoy the last few Saturdays I have left... you see, I am going to graduate in just five weeks! And I have so much left to do on my poor thesis project (which I have definitely been neglecting) and my portfolio. So it looks like I will be spending my next few weekends at school working. Bah!

But T had a wonderful idea. He came home from work on Friday and said that we needed to have a wonderful weekend - sort of a last hurrah if you will - full of all the things we love to do!

And we did!!!!

On Saturday morning we did a little antiquing (definitely more my fun than T's) and found these awesome metal drawers... after a little cleaning (they were covered in spiderwebs and rust!) they became the perfect shelves to house my little pitcher collection.

We caught up on Season 3 of 24 (thank God for netflix - we could never wait a whole season... the suspense kills!)

We also went dumpster diving.... and found a great stash of old pallets and 2x4s - perfect for fueling our fire obsession. (the forecast calls for rain all next week - and we have to keep the kitties warm!) T was so proud of me - I swung that hammer and pulled out nails like a pro! (but boy oh boy am I sore today!)

And then on Sunday morning we had the most amazing *Huevos Rancheros a la Robinson* as we dubbed them. Scrambled eggs with tons of fresh red peppers and sun dried tomato, black beans, and to top it all off - a super yummy *salsa* of avocado, orange, and mango.


Friday, April 18, 2008


I just finished reading Gluten Free Girl by Shauna James Ahern, and all i can say is Yes, Yes, Yes! Shauna writes about a way of life that is all about finding the yes answers. Instead of letting her gluten intolerance destroy her world (can you imagine never again being able to eat bread, soy sauce, boca burgers, or drink beer??? ) Shauna has learned to live more fully, more adventurously, and much, much, more deliciously!
Her words are powerful, her message simple. Her recipes make me drool, and her mantra of Yes, Yes, Yes inspires me:
I want to learn how to slow down and just appreciate: the spring air, the act of living. I want to learn how to make more whole foods with my own hands. I want to discover more tastes and textures.
But most of all:
I want to learn how to view life and all of its difficulties (from Celiac Disease to low self esteem, to having a bad case of "senioritis") as opportunities, not obstacles.
Thank you Shauna.

Friday, April 11, 2008

#2 and #3

I let the success of my last quilt go to my head a little... and it is now baby-quilt crazy in our house! I recently finished two, (we'll ignore the three others that are in various stages of being done) and am planning many many more. They make up so quickly - perfect for my instant gratification needs. They are super inexpensive (4-6 fat quarters plus batting and 2 yards fabric for the back) - if I hit a sale I can make one for less than $20! And I am playing more and more with combining colors and patterns (definitely check back soon - I have an awesome yellow and green polka dot / banana leaf in the works!)

I am loving the organic cotton batting - I use it straight from the package (I may have to invest in some yardage if this obsession sustains) and the 5% shrinkage gives the coolest puckering effect - it makes my quilts look old and well loved in just a washing! I have also started to branch out and play with quilting in patterns - a big departure for me and my "simple is better" MO.

and then - because I had leftover scraps, I had to make this little dress:

This was a huge adventure, since my only baby pattern was for an A-line dress. So I altered it a little, and now have to wait a few years till someone I know has a kid (please let it be me soon!) to check the fit! And can I tell you how much I love the mis-matched buttons?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Love in the Bedroom...

Finally - a blank and boring space gets a makeover!!

A big thank you to Chelsea (thats her in the middle picture!) for her help... I probably wouldn't have finished it in a day without her!

(ignore the brown ribbon in the last picture - it isn't staying, I was testing to see if we wanted to paint the stripe a different color - but we stayed with the cream)

Next up - paint the bathroom, and then on to the kitchen!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break

what a busy few weeks i have had... besides baking on average three loaves of bread a week (so yummy - T has been loving his sack lunches!) i finished up my quarter, started and finished my first quilt, and even got away for a mini-vacation!

the quilt is quite small - about 33x42, but it was made in a few hours, is the perfect infant size (for when we finally get to have babies!!) and contains my favorite - lime green, and T's favorite - bright orange.

we escaped to Hotel Oregon down in McMinnville on Saturday night. Listened to some live music, ate our dinner on their rooftop deck, played pool, antiqued, and relaxed. Glorious!
the view from the roof:

rooftop decor:

Sunday breakfast with fresh squeezed blood-orange juice:

my antiquing treasure - a little iron whale:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

five minute bread

so easy. so delicious.

buy this book. make the bread.
don't get scared - i don't have a pizza peel, or a fancy dough container. i mis-measured the flour and my dough was not as "wet" as they describe. and you know what? it didn't matter! we had delicious, home-baked bread in a matter of minutes - and not a single dish to wash! now that is my kind of baking... :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

coffee anyone?

What a Sunday we had at the Robinson household! We were able to sleep in, enjoyed our coffee with a side of sunshine, and then a matinee of The Other Boleyn Girl. Ahhhh... if only ALL our days were so enjoyable!

T takes his black.. I am partial to something a little sweeter! The coffee-cozy was inspired by Design*Sponge, and I have to admit is a fantastic project. I have already started two more as presents!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

the skirt

I just realized that I never put up photos of Chelsea's skirt... possibly because I didn't take any before it was handed over! She has a few shots on her blog - and maybe we will set up a photo shoot in the near future...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gratitude Part 3

Today was amazing... sunny and warm. I sat outside with a cold drink and marveled at how one glorious day could make me forget the last 5 months of cold, drizzy, grey....

The mint we loved last summer is starting to grow back, and I can almost taste its sweet tangyness... Spearmint and strawberries on a bed of vanilla ice cream = heaven!!!

Gratitude Part 2

I love fabric, and I always have. If I am feeling blue, all i have to do is hit the fabric store and browse. I love to match patterns and colors, and will buy a couple of yards *just because*. My husband doesn't understand - he is the type that has to know what he is going to use it for before he buys it. So this bit of gratitude is dedicated to all those other crafty women out there who are just as inspired, awed, cheered, and in love with fabric as I am!

Here are some of my latest aquisitions: (Craft Warehouse was having a $1 fat quarter sale!!!!)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gratitude - Part 1

We finished our taxes yesterday... oh joy... and for the first time in my entire life i owe the government money. So instead of stressing out about how "adult" that feels, i am taking stock of all of the things that i love, that inspire me, and that remind me of things other than taxes. :)

As you may know, i have a huge obesssion with anything kitchen related, especially if it is a frivolous gadget with very limited use. Currently i am on a salt&peppar shaker kick...

The little birds i have had the longest, and make me so cheerful evertime i pick them up, and on occasion have been known to baby talk to them... The glass shakers are our every-day ones, and they are so simple and timeless that i don't mind having them on the table at all times. The silver ones were thrifted by my darling husband - as a CHILD- and for that i have to love him even more.. if that is possible! The last pair is my most recent aquisition, and i have to thank the Anthropologie gods for allowing them to go on sale for 1/4 their original price! I have made a ridiculous amount of boiled eggs recently, just so i can use my Stag-Head the way, another fun fact about me: i am a vegetarian who is opposed to hunting for sport. Can you explain my love of these heads? - because i can't.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tah Dah!

the kitty hamock: looks like moo is quite happy!

Todd's Christmas hat... no earflaps, but warm and colorful!

The gnome Chess set: which will be a present for my brother Magnus who has waited paitently for three years! (all it needs now is the board... which is where T comes in!)

And my napkins: we have been concerned with how many paper towels and napkins we have gone through lately, and now we don't have to worry! So simple - just some great Amy Butler fabric, and a simple fold-over edge.