Friday, April 11, 2008

#2 and #3

I let the success of my last quilt go to my head a little... and it is now baby-quilt crazy in our house! I recently finished two, (we'll ignore the three others that are in various stages of being done) and am planning many many more. They make up so quickly - perfect for my instant gratification needs. They are super inexpensive (4-6 fat quarters plus batting and 2 yards fabric for the back) - if I hit a sale I can make one for less than $20! And I am playing more and more with combining colors and patterns (definitely check back soon - I have an awesome yellow and green polka dot / banana leaf in the works!)

I am loving the organic cotton batting - I use it straight from the package (I may have to invest in some yardage if this obsession sustains) and the 5% shrinkage gives the coolest puckering effect - it makes my quilts look old and well loved in just a washing! I have also started to branch out and play with quilting in patterns - a big departure for me and my "simple is better" MO.

and then - because I had leftover scraps, I had to make this little dress:

This was a huge adventure, since my only baby pattern was for an A-line dress. So I altered it a little, and now have to wait a few years till someone I know has a kid (please let it be me soon!) to check the fit! And can I tell you how much I love the mis-matched buttons?

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