Monday, April 28, 2008

My Weekend

Ah.... weekends. I wish I had more of them in my life. I am starting a new job after I graduate in June I am going to have to work on Saturdays, and I am having a really hard time reconciling myself to losing my Saturdays - after all, I only just discovered them!

Let me explain.... I have a horrible habit of working too much. I used to have three jobs, and for years I worked weekends so that I could have my weekdays for school. But last September I quit the job that I hated (best thing I ever did!!) and suddenly I had all these lovely, lovely weekends where I could go bowling with friends, sleep in and do the crossword puzzle with T, and just plain relax.

So, I keep trying to tell myself that it is going to be okay - that I *will* get enough leisurely brunches and back-yard hangout time on Sundays...

Unfortunately, I can't really enjoy the last few Saturdays I have left... you see, I am going to graduate in just five weeks! And I have so much left to do on my poor thesis project (which I have definitely been neglecting) and my portfolio. So it looks like I will be spending my next few weekends at school working. Bah!

But T had a wonderful idea. He came home from work on Friday and said that we needed to have a wonderful weekend - sort of a last hurrah if you will - full of all the things we love to do!

And we did!!!!

On Saturday morning we did a little antiquing (definitely more my fun than T's) and found these awesome metal drawers... after a little cleaning (they were covered in spiderwebs and rust!) they became the perfect shelves to house my little pitcher collection.

We caught up on Season 3 of 24 (thank God for netflix - we could never wait a whole season... the suspense kills!)

We also went dumpster diving.... and found a great stash of old pallets and 2x4s - perfect for fueling our fire obsession. (the forecast calls for rain all next week - and we have to keep the kitties warm!) T was so proud of me - I swung that hammer and pulled out nails like a pro! (but boy oh boy am I sore today!)

And then on Sunday morning we had the most amazing *Huevos Rancheros a la Robinson* as we dubbed them. Scrambled eggs with tons of fresh red peppers and sun dried tomato, black beans, and to top it all off - a super yummy *salsa* of avocado, orange, and mango.



Anonymous said...

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ittybittybirdy said...

eek...i think that first comment is nasty spam...i got one on my site earlier this week. But any who...OMG those drawers are so awesome. Just what we were talking about last week:) I hope you find that Saturdays can come on Tuesdays when need be!

lynne said...

those shelves are AMAZING!! I love how you mounted them... I want to go and find some!
Also, we too are HUGE 24 via netflix fans. Sometimes we'd stay up until 2 even during the week because we just couldn't get enough of Tony (and Jack, but mostly Tony!!)

david santos said...

Happy week.