Tuesday, October 16, 2007

brand new blog

I am not a great pen-pal/phone-caller/communicator, so i may end up severely behind the times on this thing... however, i do love the thought of sharing my finds and maybe making some new friends... so here goes nothing!

first off, i need to thank Chelsea for inspiring me to do this. her blog is ittybittybirdy. look at all the crafty things she does! She amazes me.

Now for some things i love:
i have such huge baby lust right now and am planning my nursery, even though i am neither pregnant, nor financially stable enough to have a child (i am still a student!)... but i can dream right?

these lights are so amazing.. whimsical and fun, yet so perfect as a night light or even just art! (find them at moderntot)

this fish mobile is fantastic... my husband says he will work on making one for us when we finally do get pregnant! If only he would follow through on these things! (find this one at egiggle)

and finally - some wall art that i want to use as inspiration when i finally do get to create a nursery... i love the layers of tissue paper, and all the colors! (these are also at egiggle)

1 comment:

Happy Little Bird said...

Yeah! Blogging is so addicting! I will have to show you how to put in HTML text so people can click on words and go right to the site!

Thanks for the pics....You know me too well! I need a baby...you need a baby....last night in my mind I finallized my babys rooms- Both Boy and girl.

Well good luck on the blogging...I will peak in often I promise!