Friday, January 11, 2008

no pictures...

I admitted from day one that I wasn't the best at staying on top of journals, letters, posts, and that there would most likeley be delays. And of course I have been on break from school, therefore I have had no reason to procrastinate! :) and finally in my defense, my adorable tiny little camera is being repaired by the good folks at Cannon so I don't even have a way to take pictures!

I am back in school now, so as soon as the camera is repaired you can look for pics of my latest projects:
1) a poofy skirt for Chelsea
2) cloth napkins for my table
3) a gnome chess set
4) a kitty hammock!

see you in a few!

1 comment:

Happy Little Bird said...

besides my skirt-I can't wait to see the kitty hammock! My camera is on the putz too!